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BM Engineering is an independent engineering office in the construction industry. Our strengths? Multidisciplinary, a scale that combines professionalism and efficiency with a people-sized approach, and extensive experience in diverse and challenging projects for private and public clients.


Expertise in a variety of areas



We provide development and expansion of complex industrial (infrastructure) structures, buildings and processes, both on- and offshore. By combining our general expertise in construction with that of industrial and process MEP, we ensure optimisation, streamlining and productivity increases in ambitious companies with 1 point of contact.

Office commercial

Office & Commercial

In the modern office and commercial environment, comfort, modularity and energy efficiency are paramount. We meet today's needs with sustainable innovations, designing open structures and high-performance building services that flexibly respond to changing needs in the future. 



In residential construction projects, we combine a strong focus on sustainability with competitive pricing. With stability solutions that enable flexible layouts, expertise in individual and collective energy generation, and visible or invisible smart details that enhance the architecture, we ensure maximum living comfort. 


Harbour & Marine

We design infrastructure to allow ships to berth and dock smoothly, unload and load goods efficiently and store them safely on land. Besides rapid realisation, we strive for a good balance between cost optimisation and sustainable use of materials in the short term and possible extensions in the long term.


Care & education

In the construction and renovation of public and private service flats, residential care homes and schools, we place strong emphasis on the ease of use and maintenance of the spaces, and on energy-efficient building services that are smart, yet simple to use. Our interventions ensure that all attention can go to the people who live, stay and work there.

Civil works

Civil Works

Designing quay walls, abutments for bridges and tunnels, shoring works and large industrial structures and building services for power generation, waste treatment or water purification holds no secrets for us. We do both private and public assignments.


Added value in several areas


Turning both creative architecture and the complexity of situations or needs into a structural design that can be realised in practice is the essence of our stability department. In very diverse and often challenging projects, we always watch over sustainable use of materials and economic solutions.

Building Services

Carefully designed and economically dimensioned building services are crucial for optimal living and working comfort in a building. For each project, we therefore start from a long-term vision that takes into account both the energy and facility impact over the entire life of the building.


For years, we have used the power of Building Information Modelling (BIM) to better design, build and operate. With BIM management and coordination, data and document management and as-built management, we represent an integrated approach. The benefits? Winning time and cents in the short and long term.

Civil engineering

The Civil Engineering department handles the design and study of non-building structural elements, from infrastructure works to concrete or steel structures of tunnels, abutments, bridges, onshore quay walls and jetties, and offshore mooring facilities.

Industrial MEP

Plant productivity is central in industrial projects. Utilities are crucial here. Performance, energy efficiency, reliability, continuity and ease of maintenance are therefore the key factors of MEP studies covering a wide range of various building services.

EPC Management

EPC Management bridges the gap between industrial processes and the physical environment in which they take place. With efficient project management and using BIM as the 'glue' between both pillars, we ensure that complex and large-scale industrial (re)construction projects are realised smoothly and qualitatively.


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Talent makes you grow

Both our team and the projects we work on have grown exponentially in recent years. This is only possible by giving our employees every opportunity to discover and develop their talents. In this way, they not only derive satisfaction from their jobs, but also build up the expertise and experience, both technical and human, that makes our contribution to each project even more valuable. 



Allowing talent to flourish and pay off for a sustainable society and our customers



Positively Programmed





Bruggen en kaaimuren - Albertkanaal

Het verbreden van het Albertkanaal met aanpassing van de kaaimuren en het vernieuwen van 7 bruggen inclusief omgevingswerken (Cluster 1)


Gemeenteschool Heestert

Het  bouwen van de kleuter- en basisschool incl. administratieve dienst, polyvalente ruimte, restaurant en sporthalproject omvatte 2768m². Daarnaast werd ook nog een speelplaats, parkeer- en circulatieruimte en groenaanleg voorzien.



Nieuwe gangways op bestaande steiger K487-489 in het Hansedok.
Nieuwe gangway op bestaande steiger K483 in het Hansadok.
Nieuwe hoge dukdalf aan bestaande steiger K483 in het Hansadok.
Nieuwe dukdalven aan steiger K471 in het Marshalldok.
Nieuwe dukdalven, gangway en vluchtwegen aan bestaande steiger K469 in het Marshalldok.Nieuwe dukdalven, remwerk, gangway en vluchtwegen aan bestaande steiger K467 in het Marshalldok.
Nieuwe dukdalven, remwerk, gangway en vluchtwegen aan bestaande steiger K461 in het Marshalldok.


Belgian New Fruit Wharf

Fruitterminal bestaande uit 22.850m² opslag ( temp : -1°C / +14°C ) - 11.400. Opslag paletten waarvan 9600 geautomatiseerd - hoogte ongeveer 30m.


Sea Tank Terminal Kaai 510

Tankenpark voor de op- en overslag en het blenden van aardolieproducten met totale oppervlakte van 250.000 m² en een gezamenlijke capaciteit van 900.000 m³. Daarnaast stonden wij in voor het ontwerp van de steiger met 6 aanmeerposities.




Gemeenteschool ’t Mozaïek in Eernegem renoveert en breidt uit

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