The stability department transforms the creativity of the architect into a design that be brought to life. Which is why the results of the stability studies are truly tangible in a construction project. Since 1970, BM Engineering has been working on stable foundations and reliable constructions in very versatile and often challenging projects.

Our employees carry out stabilisation studies of foundations and concrete (cast on site or precast units) as well as steel and wooden structures. Teams of engineers and draughtsmen, with a dynamic mix of experience and creativity, undeniably create added value, both for technically complex and large-scale construction projects as well as simple renovation works or the calculations for a foundation slab.


During a first meeting, the preliminary design of the architect is assessed against the realistic expectations in terms of stability. This leads to a plan which is submitted together with the building application. Next, the load reduction for the entire building – from top to bottom – is meticulously calculated. In collaboration with the architect a BIM model is drafted, from which formwork plans, a bill of quantities and specifications can be derived.


Once the contract is awarded, the structure and the construction principles are discussed with the contractor, and we assist the client and the architect with expert advice. From the start of the works, the reinforcement plans of all concrete elements are further developed, the works are monitored and our employees safeguard the quality of the execution. Once the building shell is completed and has been delivered, a detailed statement is drawn up.


Furthermore, the stability department has acquired expert knowledge in terms of precast components. These are becoming increasingly popular in the construction world. After all, when there is less concrete to be casted on-site, the project is less weather-dependent. It also enables the industrialisation of the production process of a building. BM Engineering designs the entire production plan in a 3D BIM model, from which it derives production sheets per component. It prompts us, as a consulting firm, to pay even more attention to the details that may improve the efficiency of the execution.


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