Project engineering

The Project Engineering department is responsible for the overall design of industrial projects. This mainly concerns buildings for which the technical complexity significantly exceeds the architectural expectations. BM Engineering has the necessary in-house knowledge to ensure the integration of structure, building technologies and process technologies at the highest level. 

Besides solving complex technological issues in the design phase, the added value also shines through in the coordination of the overall project. The Project Engineering department at BM Engineering can count on the in-house expertise of the Stability, Technologies and Civil Engineering departments, and that leads to an optimal result. Intense cooperation between the designers and the implementers is also a must. For such projects, our pioneering role in the use of BIM modelling is an extra asset.

If high architectural standards must be met for a part of the project we can help the client select an architect. The cooperation with that architect may be organised via a temporary association. He/she safeguards the concept, while BM Engineering ensures the technical execution and the monitoring of time, cost and quality.


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