Building Services

To a large extent, carefully designed and economically dimensioned technologies are decisive for optimal living and working comfort in a building. On the basis of feasibility analyses we propose sustainable solutions. BM Engineering prides itself in never outsourcing studies, but instead accumulating valuable in-house knowledge through the realisation of projects in diverse sectors.

Heating, air-conditioning, ventilation, lighting, ICT, sanitary and electrical installations must perfectly meet the current and future needs of the users. This involves putting quality at the forefront of our designs. To do so, we don’t just take the time to carefully assess the expectations of the client. We also rely on the most advanced software tools to make the designs more visible and the construction process more efficient.

From the food industry via wellness centres to projects in social and care centres, sustainability and efficiency are always the key starting points. Passive measures, heating and cooling energy reuse, energy-saving alterations and the use of renewable energy sources are assessed against the needs of the project and the available budget. Collaboration with the other departments within BM Engineering and with external construction partners within the BIM model ensure smooth cooperation and a perfect incorporation of the technologies, both on from an aesthetical as from a functional point of view.



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