BIM or Building Information Modelling facilitates cooperation between different construction partners. By collaborating in a digital database-related 3D model, the modelling (drawing), the communication and the coordination are more efficient than in a traditional construction process. 

BM Engineering is known as a leading company in the field of BIM. Within the consulting firm, the BIM principle is applied to all projects and the interaction between the different departments is at the heart of every project. All projects are drawn in Revit and the various models are exchanged across the different departments. Thanks to the consulting firm’s multidisciplinary approach, we can offer the entire design in BIM.

Any cooperation is characterised by our aim to share the expertise we have built up in the past years as much as possible with all construction partners. Meanwhile, we have also gained experience with Open BIM – BIM across different design programmes – and we have also taken on the role of BIM manager in various projects. Via a BIM protocol that focuses on the three key factors of BIM – modelling, coordination and communication – the cooperation between the different construction partners is lifted to a higher level and the margin of error in the design phase is decreased. This means increased efficiency at the construction site and enhanced schedule and budget monitoring of a project.

To convince both construction partners and clients of the benefits of the BIM process, we also provide presentations on this subject.



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